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Unique Pond Designs strive to replicate and recreate Mother Nature’s work with our ecosystem ponds. These ponds reduce the amount of maintenance and due to some of the methods that we use. Not only do these ponds bring a beautiful setting to your home and garden but they are a natural source of relaxation whilst bringing the wildlife to your garden at the same time.


With our ecosystem ponds you can sustain a variety of life within the garden whether they are frogs, toads, newts, turtles, shrimp, plants and a whole variety of different species of fish which will bring life to your garden and bring your own little piece of paradise to your garden with our natural ecosystem ponds


Unique Pond Designs create natural, balanced ecosystems within and around garden ponds in Shropshire. Designed and constructed by us (including labouring), our ponds are truly unique. We are fully equipped, experienced and eager to see your designs and happy to create a pond for you. Whatever image you have in mind, Unique Pond Designs can build your pond, or we can assist you in designing your pond.


Bring your natural paradise to life with UPD (Unique Pond Designs). Wherever possible, we only use natural materials and we create safe (hazard free) environments which allow all of your animals and wildlife to not only survive but to prosper.




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